May 31, 2023

Introducing... Scions of Gaea

NOTE: This post originally appeared in my Patreon account on May 31st, 2023

And I've published the first four chapters here on Patreon. If you're a member, you can read them starting from here: Cataclysm, Pt 1. Everyone else will unfortunately have to wait until I start publishing it publicly, which will be in a week or two.

I feel pretty excited to tell this story. I've actually been thinking about this one longer that I did with Ravens of Eternity. I just for whatever reason decided to write that one first and this one second.

I guess this one just needed more time to percolate.

As promised, the entire story will be free to read at any time and won't be behind any paywalls. In fact, I won't even be publishing the chapters here on Patreon, not even as early access or something (except these four chapters).

Anyway, first place I will publish will be on Royal Road. I'll be dropping the links once I go through approval and all that. Well, if I make it through approval anyway, lol. Like my previous novel, I'll try to work one or two weeks ahead of schedule to give myself a good buffer.

And I'll probably only release 3-4 chapters per week as well instead of 5. I honestly would prefer to do 5 since that's the structure I'm used to.

But I can't this go around. I simply need to allocate time to edit and illustrate Ravens of Eternity. That's pretty much the excuse, anyway. As much as I want to pack my hours with doing all that work without cutting time, I know that will lead to a very fast burnout.

We've got authors and illustrators burn out all the time, to the point that their work has goes into massive hiatuses while they recover.

I'd like to avoid that.

Speaking of illustration, I also need to make the web novel cover for Scions of Gaea. The WIP sketch in this post is kind of what I'm leaning towards. I know the image is a bit overused, but it should work for now. I'm sure it'll go through a redesign at some point.

Anyway, until the novel is public, please enjoy these chapters. And follow my TikTok to watch the timelapses of the cover getting illustrated.