September 29, 2023

Schedule Going Forward

 So I've finally moved again, though things are still in transition and not quite fully settled in. But my office is more or less set up and I've been posting chapters every week again. I just want to update everyone on what my plans are going forward, just so everyone knows what's down the line.

Apologies again for all the delays thus far. If I could have avoided them, I would.

The first things I've done is reassess what work it is I need to do in general. Here's that list so you can see as well:

  • Publish Ravens of Eternity
  • Write Scions of Gaea
  • Stream for Exposure
  • TikTok for Exposure
  • Invest in Ads

Basically, I need to create, and I need to market. There's no two ways about it, and I have to do both. I can't just rely on rankings and popularity organically, and I have to do extra in order to make a better living.

And now that life is settling back down and there's less to interrupt it, I can focus on getting this work done as best I can. 

I've been toying around a bit with the schedule I'll be sticking to once everything kicks off. Or trying to, anyway. No doubt things will adjust as everything progresses.

But here it is so you can take a look:

Apologies as a schedule isn't terribly interesting to look at, but I figure that by sharing this you can see how much time I plan to pour into everything. That said, as long as I stick to this, I'll be able to release Volumes of RoE about every two to three months while still writing SoG. 

As for Volume 2, I plan to get it out in October. I was thinking I could get it out by the end of September, but that turned out to be a really generous approximation, lol. Everything in the house was packed away in boxes including my PC. That took a week to get transported, then another week to find in the boxes themselves. I almost thought it was lost. Kind of a debacle all around.

But that's now in the past, the office is now running, and this schedule is the future.

*EDIT: adjusted the schedule again - and it'll change even more as time goes on, lol