October 3, 2023

Public Drive + Patreon Page Shutdown

It's now October and I have finally shut down my Patreon page. I had noted previously that I made it specifically for the free Webnovel audience, but since WN themselves kicked out the free readers the page went nowhere.

Although I very much appreciate the support I've received there, I know that it isn't going to grow any time soon. So thanks very much to those who were subscribed on there - your support has meant the absolute world. Apologies that it had to go down.

If you still wish to support my endeavors, I have a Ko-Fi that you can find here. There should also be a pop-up section in the bottom left of this blog that you can pull up if you want. 

That said, the notes that were once exclusive to my Patreon backers are now publicly available for anyone to see. It has things relating to the stories I've written such as character notes, story beats, powers, world lore, and so on. Some really interesting behind-the-scenes kind of stuff. For example, I have an Inventory spreadsheet for my main character in Scions of Gaea. 

Here's a sneak peek:

I don't know about you, but for some reason reading stuff like this really piques my interest. Seeing the nitty gritty and random details that the actual story doesn't delve into is satisfying to me. Its kinda like looking at diagrams and vehicle cross sections - there are details in them that most don't see. And that kind of insight is just amazing to me.

Hopefully, these notes do something similar for you as well. 

Here's the link:

CeritusOrbis' Public Drive

Anyone with this link ought to be able to browse through everything that's inside, or at least anyone curious enough to do so anyway. Feel free to share it, (along with my stories, ofc)