May 24, 2023

Volume One is (almost) Available!

NOTE: This post originally appeared in my Patreon account on May 24th, 2023

UPDATE: eBook and print versions are now available! Yay! Sorry for the delay as there were so many last minute adjustments that got flagged during review. Here's Volume One's storefront. Enjoy!

Well, sorta! The book is still in review, but should be available for purchase once the review process completes (hopefully in the next few hours). You can get at the links from my Kindle Author Page, which you can find here: Ceritus Orbis Author Page

Go bookmark it!

Also, please please please help me out and write a review! That would seriously be huge in getting attention to the book itself.

So, what's next?

Well, the plan is threefold: For one thing, I'm going to be publishing each of the volumes one at a time over the coming months. Pretty much one per month until it's done.

Next, I'll be starting off the next web novel in the next week or two. I'll be titling it Scions of Gaea, and if you're a Patron with access to my Drive folder, you'll start seeing my notes for the novel in there. And on top of that, I'll be publishing my first few chapters here on Patreon in advance. Hopefully next week.

All during this time, I'll be doing some artwork at night. After all, I still have books to publish, and all their covers and art to make. Of course, I'll be posting my progress on TikTok, which you can find here: Ceritus Orbis TikTok

Stay tuned for more!