June 7, 2023

Scions of Gaea is Now Available on Royal Road!

NOTE: This post originally appeared in my Patreon account on June 7th, 2023

Well, sorta. It's been public since Monday, and I pushed out chapter 5 earlier today. Here's the link:

Scions of Gaea on Royal Road

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I plan to publish every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for now. And like I mentioned last time, I'll be building up chapters so I'm ahead by a couple of weeks. I hope to get to that point by the end of the month.

Super quick note: I haven't done a formal editing pass on these beginning chapters. Which is probably a huge mistake, but I'm a bit pressed for time for now.

I definitely will be making an editing pass soon, but I won't say no to any corrections you all send me. They'll certainly go a long way in helping keeping the story more presentable.

Anyway, as you can see, I got the cover done. Buuuut I'm not very happy with it. I definitely want to redo it at some point, though not right now. We're in June and I have to concentrate a bunch of my time on editing and illustrating Volume Two of Ravens of Eternity. Maybe I'll redo the cover once the story reaches Act Two, but that's not for a while.

Also, I'm not exactly sure how long this story will run. With RoE, I had a rough goal of 1 million words. It sorta worked out in the end, but SoG is quite a bit different.

For one thing, the POV is exclusively 2nd person, and that by itself limits how much of the world can be experienced. By that, I mean there won't be antagonist POV chapters and sections, like with RoE.

Not only that, but this book might be rather emotionally draining when all is said and done. Quite a lot of the conflict will be internalized, and I don't want to overuse anything.

Can you imagine going through a 1 million word novel that's also deeply depressing? That would be awful to write, much less read, lol.

So maybe half that much? 500k words? I think that should be a good amount to shoot for. Tell me what you think. And also, let me know what kind of illustrations you want to see for RoE: Volume Two.