July 5, 2023

Ravens of Eternity Vol 2 is Gonna Be CHONKY

NOTE: This post originally appeared on my Patreon account on July 5th, 2023

Finished up the first edit of Vol 2, and it's even larger than Vol 1. The first volume has something like 80k words and is around 420 pages in length. Already rather large for a "light novel". Well, the second volume goes well beyond that, lol.

Right now I'm looking at a massive 110k words and 535 pages. And this is before I add any illustrations or do any kind of page formatting. Chonkers is definitely the right word here. Reason for this is that it has both Arcs 3 and 4 squeezed in there, and both those arcs have a lot of stuff going on between the two of them.

I still have a lot of editing and cutting to do, and want to streamline the story as much as possible. I've already trimmed much of the fat transferring them to the print edit, but there's definitely much more to cut out.

Hopefully it'll come to about the 500 page mark when all is said and done.

I hope to start working on illustrations in the next few days, and will be updating my TikTok with that work. So be sure to follow me on there to see the artwork.