June 29, 2023

Ravens of Eternity Vol 1 Releases!

NOTE: This post originally appeared on my Patreon account on June 29th, 2023

Hello everyone!

The first volume of Ravens of Eternity is releasing in eBook format tomorrow - June 30th 2023! That's awesome! Go grab your copy if you haven't already. The print version has been available for a while if you prefer that, but the best value is the eBook one. It's only 2.99 USD and has a few cool little things that the print version doesn't have.

It still has the same illustrations, but there are certain words and phrases highlighted in the text that add a bit more to the lore. For example, "Helios Megacity" has a special description attached to it. Another phrase, "Type II civilization" is highlighted and links to the Kardashev scale Wikipedia article. It's really cool!

To check out all the other nuggets of lore that I've added, grab the eBook.

The link to the Amazon Store Page is here:

Ravens of Eternity Vol 1