September 19, 2022

No Chapters This Week

NOTE: This post originally appeared in my Patreon account on September 19th, 2022

Paused on writing last week in order to better tie together the story's themes as it starts to draw to a close. It's hit 350 chapters, and I'm estimating that only about 150 chapters are left. And I need to start taking my time in order to tie all the right threads back together.

In essence, I need to ensure that the story remains eloquent all throughout. The themes I've baked in needs to result in a satisfying conclusion, otherwise everything will have been for nothing.

I may do a weekly pause once or twice more as things go on, just to make sure the narrative is on point.

It sucks to have nothing to read this week, I know. But I'd like to make sure you're still entertained. So I wanted to share some of the things I enjoy, from podcasts to shows, and the like.

These are are my bread and butter when it comes to thinking about and opining about the state of our existence today.


Throughline - An NPR show that examines how the modern world got to where it is. Usually through fuckery from the rich and powerful.

Code Switch - Another NPR show that delves deep into racial issues in our society today. Very, very, VERY powerful.

Unf*cking the Republic - US politics and economics. Insightful, funny, and doesn't pull any punches.


Kurzgesagt - A show that explores our universe using the power of optimistic nihilism. Watch the one about The Great Filter. It's my favorite.

Maggie Mae Fish - Maggie's a comedian, writer, and actor who used to contribute to the once-great before it imploded. She makes absolutely amazing film analysis videos that you MUST SEE, lol. Especially the ones about Daddies in Film.


Girl Genius - Hands down the best steampunk romance adventure story of ALL TIME. It started 20 years ago, is still going strong, and is only getting better as it goes. Start reading this absolute gem!

All You Need is Kill - It's a story about a soldier who dies over and over again, in a battle for humanity's survival against an invading alien race. The movie Edge of Tomorrow was based on it, and the movie SUCKS in comparison to the original. There's a light novel format and a manga format. Both are amazing. Very much worth your time.


/r/antiwork - Late stage capitalism is exploitative. Not just for the consumers, but also for the workers. Here we see a bunch of people practically shouting truth to power.

/r/menwritingwomen/ - Lots of examples of how women are portrayed in fiction. Really, media in general. Most criticisms here are very on-point, while others seem nitpicky and off the mark. Still worth a visit and a few chuckles.