February 7, 2004

Deux Virgo


Fingers drumming, tapping
Mouth pursed, closed

The cool, inviting breeze whipped around
Tossing, turning, down

Golden leaves danced gaily
Freedom as chains
Spun about me

Never to taste the dew
Of the morning

Nor the feeling of pure bliss
Massaging, prancing

But the curve of the clouds
Forever burned
Forever gone



And so shall I walk in the forest
In the heat of winter
Breathing madly for the next step
Finding comfort under the canopy
Of precious embrace

Perhaps I shall stumble upon
A single wintry rose
Of which my nose shall feather
The wonderful fragrance
Of petals too delicate

And here, lost in the valley,
Would be the sound
Of the sweetest loneliest violin
Singing of ecstacy found
Living within my breath

And so shall I walk in the forest
The winter and I will bathe
In each other
As we discover the
Meaningful existance of now.

Found, Unbound

Found, Unbound