May 3, 2023

Weekly Update [5/3]

NOTE: This post originally appeared on my Patreon account on May 3rd, 2023

Hello everyone! Another art update - I think I've more or less finalized Eva's design. Check out the TikTok above to see which way I've gone. I like this one enough that I'll end up finishing it and putting it into the novel. Well, after I do inking and shading and detailing and all that.

After this, I'll be adjusting that nighttime scene a bit, then redoing Miko's design, then drawing a mecha in action, and then put all four images in volume 1's layout.

Oh, and I still gotta do the cover, too. I kinda started the process on it, which you can also see on TikTok, but I might have to start it from scratch. So much to do...

One other thing I want to offer on the channel is brief reviews of games, maybe? Like I'll draw the main character in the game, and also give some thoughts about the game's story at the same time. In particular I'd just give a few notes on the games' themes, characterization, and overall plot.

Hopefully doing that would be something that people would enjoy, and maybe even bring more attention to the novel itself.