January 30, 2023

Some Stuff to Enjoy While the Novel is on Hiatus

NOTE: This post originally appeared in my Patreon account on January 30th, 2023

Hey readers! Since I don't have any chapters this week, here's some links to shows that I deeply enjoy.

Some More News - Showdy by Cody Johnston. Very insightful, very progressive, and very funny. Like Maggie Mae Fish, also a Cracked Alum. Check out their very, very, very short episode on Jordan Peterson to whet your appetite.

Steve Wallis - Camping with Steve! He's a super chill YouTuber who sometimes goes stealth camping. He recently lost his wife, so if you go check out his videos make sure to give him your condolences as well. Here's him stealth camping in a moving van.

Philosophy Tube - Abigail Thorn's essay channel. Every single one of her videos is absolutely exemplary. Among her best videos is the one where she comes out as trans. Very powerful stuff.

Empire Files - Abby Martin vs War, Inequality, & Empire. 'Nuff said, go watch. Here's her diving into Marxism & Capitalism.

Tribal People Try - Such a wholesome channel about tribal people trying things (usually food) from the modern world. Such as ramen, boba, and Texas BBQ. It's so good. My favorite is the one where they play Among Us.

Metal Complex - If you're a knife person, watch MC's channel. He's pretty upbeat and funny, and sort of the opposite of Nick Shabazz (who's downbeat and funny). Both are great, though. Here's his review of the CJRB Feldspar, which is my EDC knife.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Last but not least, Macross. IMO, it's one of the best mecha anime in existence. It's so good that it's practically engraved in my soul, lol. So much so that there are a few story beats in it that I've tried to mirror in the novel. Here's the first episode. Enjoy your journey!