June 2, 2022

Anyone Know How To Grow An Audience?

 NOTE: This post originally appeared in my Patreon account on June 2nd, 2022

Been thinking on how to grow for some time now. I knew that I wanted to build out the story for a few hundred chapters before I went deep on self-promotion. But now that I've hit that point, not entirely sure how to go.

Or, rather, not sure if the steps I'm going to take are the right ones.

I mean, ad buys are always good - even a marginal amount brings in a few more readers here and there. But that seems counter-intuitive to me. And costly. For a broke person, buying ads is a major investment no matter the amount.

For example, I invested $40 in ad buys for May. Not a whole lot in, I know. But the return was $24. Not bad in the long run, but I can't really justify losses in the short term.

I come from a tech and advertising background, so I know what I need to do from a technical standpoint. Ads can be powerful, certainly. When done right, it can be a even be a means to spread good will. For example, Unsung Hero.

But I'm not trying to spend more than I've got. So I think ads have to stand aside for now.

I do love content marketing though. Giving lots of great content for free seems like what I should do.

Which it makes me wonder if I should have released RoE on RoyalRoad instead of Webnovel... In any case, I've made choices that I can't undo, and have to do what I can in the moment.

I had always wanted to make a YT channel for story and game related stuff. Which I still want to do, but that's a bit more involved than I can tack on at the moment.

But maybe a Twitch stream can be a good alternative. It allows me to cool down for the day and still do some work. Albeit minimally. Well, maybe I'll try it out this weekend, see how it goes.

Now that Invictus is over in Star Citizen, the servers should be more stable again. Maybe I'll go flying. Haven't logged into Alpha 3.17 yet, so not sure what's changed. Still will be nice to get in the Talon and go drunk-flying on Microtech.