December 9, 2019

Super Quick Update That Doesn't Say Much

Hello! I know I said that I would provide wireframes weeks ago, but I haven't. Sorry about that! I've been meaning to, really. There have been changes to my life recently that have necessitated this bit of a break. Plus all the holiday stuff has thrown a wrench right into the whole machine.

Most importantly, it's because my wireframing tools are a bit subpar. Don't get me wrong, Sketch and Blasamiq are both amazing at what they do. However, they're lacking in very specific ways, and they are serious hindrances towards designing the UI. Most critically, neither handle motion very well, if at all. Sketch, for example, requires a plugin to introduce motion. Balsamiq doesn't do any motion wireframing at all. For both applications, interaction is best demonstrated by duplicating an art board, adjusting it for a specific state and repeating. If this sounds rote to you, it is.

While looking for better wireframing and prototyping tools, I came across React Studio. It looks quite promising. It seamlessly pairs design and development fairly seamlessly, allowing teams to iterate very quickly. It looks very promising as it combines a component-based, drag-and-drop style of creativity with fully-functional code underneath.

All that's going to be necessary is integrating Twine with the resulting React app, and the game is just that much closer to initial release.