November 21, 2019

Chapter Four Narrative Flow

So this flow took longer than normal. Well, for a couple of reasons - the first being that it consists of two branches. That's a lot of divergence and convergence to think about. It's tough. The second is that I took a couple days break from writing this. Just going through some personal stuff and needed a little time to center it all.

Anyway, the two branches are pretty interesting. You'll note that this is basically a training chapter, making the next one a challenge chapter. I think I may keep the branches separate through the fifth chapter and re-link them back together in the sixth. Need to keep the narrative tight.

You'll note that each branch has a different set of interesting rewards - I'm pretty set on having specific paths be more fruitful than others. It's kind of a subtle way to pass some of the ideas and concepts to the reader. Not everything has to be in-your-face, and some themes are best discovered through one's subconscious, or in dreams.

Sorry, am rambling. Here are the Chapter Four narrative flows: