July 22, 2019

the forest

my chest thrummed
deeply as though
running amok
thru the trees

a tall redwood
firm and proud
my hand grazed
its timeless body

along the long
paths lay a stream
its curves winding
this way and that

teasing with every
turn and tug
and then an

it was by the water
where i babbled back
to the noisy little

the air was filled
with playful chirping
and wistful sighs
a deep yearning

a nymph of earth
rose up and danced
eyes made of stone
held me captive

days or hours
may have passed
but it was nothing
in the face of bliss

i laid my head down
on the soft moss
bright flowers swayed
and tickled my nose

the scents and sounds
of life and
surrounded me

then her song
struck me hard
and slumber
took me



a shiver

i woke with a
start and
all was

the forest now

and cold

all sounds held
like a breath
save a wailing
mournful song

a chill reached
into me deeply
like a hand
made of glass

then a whisper
in my ear
as the cold
took my heart

i felt everything
drop like a weight
into a pit made
of hunger

i was warned
of the forest
and its day
and its night

i foolishly
believed the
forest was
kind, but

she tightened
her grip
and the

of a