July 28, 2019

Added Some Really Old Posts

I'm going to attempt to resurrect this blog as my writing journal. Again, for the 100th time. There's something different this go-around. I've gone and looked into blogs I have access to and imported a handful of really old rants, stories, and poems. I'll leave the rest unpublished. I figure that'll help kickstart this project/movement/whatever forward.

Anyway, anything prior to 2010 is going to be from a different blog. Most notably, LiveJournal. I still have my LJ account, but everything is locked away like some sort of ancient destructive beast. I could simply unlock everything there, but that would be mostly pointless. LJ has long since been dead (with the exception of GRRM's LJ account). Anything between 2010 and now is lost, apologies. That's what I get for not doing real backups. Maybe I'll dig into my writing folder and post old stuff once in a while, too.

If you do check out my older stuff, try to keep in mind that they are really old and quite sophomoric. Though, I have to say that I had a certain flair to my prose that I need to reintegrate again. There's just something snappy with how some of them are laid out (ie Crepusculum). I haven't seen that poetic prose style in forever, and going through my own posts makes me want to play with it some more. I think if I can mix that rhythmic snappiness with my current conversational style, it'll create something pretty refined.

Will test it out a little next weekend.