February 7, 2006

On Dreams

Sometimes I wonder if dreams are shared. I mean if you dream of someone else, someone who you had a serious emotional attachment to, would your dreams of each other be connected somehow? Did thought transcend the self, project it onto someone else's 'self', and sort of.. meld? And when you wake, does the other notice, or does their dream keep rolling along? Do they become sad in their dream? Does the other wake up and ask themselves if you were really there?

Sometimes, it sure does feel like that. Feels good to be so close to someone, and yet, no conscious contact was ever made. Helps fill in that bittersweet feeling upon first waking. But that feeling is a good one; there is so much life in what can be considered the closest we can get to death. Certainly not letting go of that dream for a while.

Hopefully I can use some of it for my script. And I have three two weeks to complete it.