December 11, 2003

The Tale of the Banshees

I dunno what it is between me and mornings, but apparently there's some sort of vendetta. I'm sure a bunch of folks are like this, so I'm thinking of starting a club.

But what is the matter is not so much as an ailment, but a personality trait, I suppose. I'm completely annoyed and aggravated by anything human. At least, up until ten in the morning, which is when that feeling just 'goes away'. Their voices simply sound like iron screeching and grinding upon more iron, and comes to a soul-cringing ten-minute-long stop. They were singing "Let it Snow" earlier, and if they had continued past the first verse, I might have had to penalize them with a well-aimed bagel. It would probably help if one of the people that work here didn't have The Most Annoying Voice Ever. Her whiny voice makes me want to choke the faucet.

To complicate matters, some of them can't seem to leave me alone despite the fact that my misery is almost quite visible. Only thing that would make it more observable would probably be giant neon signs that read something like: "Contents Under Pressure" or "Tresspassers Will Be Shot". They would have to be blinking, too. Or have those 'racing-lights'. The tackier the sign, the better.